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Farm Days

I can’t believe that this is my first post of 2015. I’ve been seriously slacking on the blog front. I must try harder to blog a bit more.
I’m sure life hasn’t been that busy, or maybe it has?!
There has been a trip to the city farm.  Chickens goats ducks and even a horse. The little man loves animals, it was a cold day but he was lovely and warm in the hat I knitted for him.



There’s been an quite a lot of knitting. I have lots of half knitted projects, that I’ve promised myself I must finish by the end of the end of the year. Surely that must be enough time.

I’ll be posting more blogs soon.  Very soon!

One whole year

My son has turned one and what a year it has been. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s only a year because it feels like he’s been here forever. Other times I think ‘blimey O’Riley’ it’s gone so fast. My little man is up and about walking climbing and keep myself and his dad very busy people. To celebrate, we thought a day out at the aquarium would be perfect. Lots of things for the little man to explore with his eyes. He certainly had a blast. He chased after the big fish, running along the tank, was stunned by the jelly fish and came face to face with a turtle all before lunch.

Pizza and chips filled our tummies and then we went to listen to a talk about sting rays. Sadly I can’t remember many facts other than natural the oil on human hands can be damaging to rays and may even cause them pain, so when they are being fed the fish feeders (can’t remember there proper name) wear gloves.

The afternoon brought a walk along the harbour side where we watched the boats sail by, a visit to an art gallery, little man used as an opportunity to practice his running skills, not entirely appropriate but, hey, you only turn one once right?!

The walk home was softened with a ice cream and sunshine. You can’t have a birthday without cake so after our fish dinner (ironic) we sang happy birthday and little man literally stuffed himself with cake. Writing about the day has made me realise that it was better than I imagined it would be. We were all pooped by the end of it. Happy birthday son!





A swirl and a swish

I love to be creative and when ever possible I love to expand creatively. Recently I watched someone do henna/mehndi patterns and I found it quite mesmerising. The intricate pattern created with such delicacy and precision, were pretty amazing. With all that being said I thought I’d have a go myself. I practised on my feet first, which was harder than I thought it would be because I couldn’t quite get myself at the right angle to do it comfortably. My neighbour spotted it and then asked me if I would do hers. I did give her a warning that I’m a beginner and not very good but she was happy to be my Guinea pig. Thankfully it came out looking ok, I can see where I need a bit more practice. So I’ll be doing a few more test runs on my feet , family and friends (if they’ll let me)! Here are some pictures of my attempt.




Let’s get knit on in public

Knit in public day/week!! We decided to have a little family picnic and I brought my knitting along with me. It was a lovely sunny day, my boys nibbled and rolled the football around the picnic mat whilst I made haste on a lovely knitted crop top. The crop top has now been posted to its new owner and I can’t wait until I get some photos of her wearing it.

Also the birthday shrug that I made for my mum looks a right treat on her. Absolutely delightful. Sequins and wool, you just can’t go wrong with it. To see what she gets up to click here and give her Facebook page a ‘like’.

Photos of shrug and picnics are here



The truth about boobs

Sadly breastfeeding has become a really controversial topic. It really feel that it shouldn’t be as breastfeeding should be seen as normal as bottle feeding. I was on Whats Hot radio recently, discussing my views on breastfeeding and my thoughts on the young lady who breastfed her daughter at graduation ceremony read the story here. It was such a beautiful and powerful picture. I commend her for finishing her studies whilst pregnant and bringing her daughter to her graduation ceremony. Giving her young daughter a taste of her mothers achievements in life.

What’s also sad is how a lot of people find breastfeeding something wrong to do and especially something that shouldn’t be done in public. Boobs, boobies, breast what ever you want to call them are actually made to feed a child. There purpose is not to pleasure men or women it is to feed babies.

I am just coming to the end of breastfeeding my son, he’s now 10 months and only wants a feed before he goes to bed, I can proudly say that I have stuck it out when the going got tough. I stuck it out when I was told countless times to feed him in the toilet. I stuck it out when I was glared at by men and women when sitting in a cafe feeding. I think women should be encouraged as breastfeeding is truly a beautiful thing. The bond between mother and child is immeasurable. Not to mention the health benefits for both mother and baby read here.


Hopefully I’ll have a link to the show soon. I also chipped in on a discussion on black women and natural hair, but that’s another post!!!


I think I’ve knitted every evening for the last couple of months. I don’t know if I’ll tire of it. I keep discovering new wool and new techniques. I have also decided that I’m going to be knitting presents for birthdays and special occasions. What’s better than a handmade gift?




Recently I made shrug for my mum for her birthday. I used King Cole Galaxy which had sequins and changed perfectly from black to grey to white whilst knitting it. It was such a treat to knit with. Take a look at the pictures.